Call for application - Student exchange programme (UPV, Valencia, Spain)

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we could not send student on exchange programme in 2020. Despite the impact that Covid-19 is having around the world, let us hope that in a few months the situation will improve and we can restart the activities that for now are paralyzed.

In this context, we are ready to receive the application from interested students for Semester A of the next academic year (pre enrolment for semester A, will end on 10th May 2021). In this case the formal nomination needs to reach UPV before April 30th 2021.

Interested students from 2nd and 3rd year are asked to submit application for student exchange at UPV, Valencia, Spain, under Erasmus KA107 project between CST and UPV. Application addressed to the President along with motivational letter and other supporting documents (obtained at CST only) should be submitted to Roshan Chhetri, Coordinator by 15th March 2020.

Applicants need to visit UPV website and mention the modules that you are planning to study while at UPV.

You can find useful information for applicants in the factsheet attached and through those links: 

Financial support provided from KA107 to student is 850€ x 5 months = 4000€ + travel aid according the distance

For details contact Asst. Prof. Roshan Chhetri, འ་ནི་གློག་འཕྲིན་ཁ་བྱང༌འདི་ ཨེས་པམ་བོཊ(spambots)་ལས་བསྲུང་ནུག འདི་བལྟ་ནིའི་དོན་ལུ་ ཁྱོད་ཀྱིས་(avaScript)་འདི་ ལྕོགས་ཅན་བཟོ། or 17605713.