Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering takes a minimum of four years full time.

The programme would provide access to larger numbers of suitably qualified nationals to be trained as engineers to meet the needs of Bhutan. The increased supply of engineers would also support private sector growth thereby creating additional jobs and strengthening the economy. The courses have been designed to meet the requirements of Bhutan’s unique engineering demand. The graduates will find employment in Civil Service, Corporations and Private sector.

The program aims to be innovative in the course and curriculum development in order

  • To attract and recruit students of good academic ability and potential from all social groups.
  • To develop the potential of each student to meet new challenges and to lay the foundation of the versatility of thinking they will need in careers as professional engineers;
  • To provide students with an engineering education with breadth across the engineering disciplines, combined with some special learning, delivered with design as an integrating feature;
  • To understand the importance of professionalism, management, and problem-solving techniques for works
  • To allow career progression and educational development to study for a Masters degree

Civil engineering students learn how to analyze and solve problems related to the construction and maintenance of bridges, buildings, airports, waterways, and water and waste-water treatment facilities, hydraulic structures, etc; they also learn how to communicate their solutions to these problems (their designs) to others and how to transform their designs into reality. Civil engineering is a challenging, creative and satisfying career.
Students also have a unique opportunity to experience aspects of the civil engineering profession by making visits to sites.

Civil Engineering graduates are expected to be able to:

  • formulate and prepare project proposals and plans
  • design, analyze, prepare working drawings and estimates of various civil engineering structures
  • execute/supervise the construction of various civil engineering structures
  • carry out survey for civil engineering works
  • carry out feasibility studies for civil engineering projects
  • prepare bid documents, specifications of works and evaluate tenders
  • adapt to new technologies/developments
  • manage projects and other civil engineering related tasks

Programme Leader

Mr. Sangey Passang

Civil Engineering Department

Contact No.# +975-77774567

Email: sangeypasang(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt