List of Students Selected for 2022 Cohort (Self Finance)

College of Science and Technology, Rinchending is pleased to announce the list of students selected for the 2022 Cohort under Self Finance.

  1. Bachelor of Architecture - Click Here to view
  2. Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering - Click Here to view
  3. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology - Click Here to view

Please note the reporting dates published on our website. The architect cohort is requested to go through the list of materials required to be brought while reporting to the college.


Should you have any queries, kindly contact the following officials:

  1. Inchu Dorji, Student Service Officer (Male) - 17734846
  2. Chimi Dem, Student Service Officer (Female) - 17379976
  3. Leki Dorji, Dean of Student Affairs - 17785193