Admission Announcement for Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy

The College of Science and Technology is pleased to announce admission to Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy commencing from February 2021.

Aims of the Programme:

The Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy aims to provide meaningful education on the design, analysis, and implementation of renewable energy systems and energy management. It will enhance the technical and analytical competency of engineers who are working or intend to work in renewable energy and associated fields.

Admission Process
A total of 10 candidates will be selected based on the following criteria. The college will offer a full scholarship to seven candidates based on merit.     

  • Eligibility criteria - Applicants should have a minimum of 55% in a four year/honors degree in either a Bachelor of Engineering/ Bachelor of Technology/or a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.
  • Selection criteria – Applicants will be selected on merit based on the following criteria:
    i. An interview – 60%
    ii. Academic performance based on the degree results – 20%
    iii. Letter of motivation – 10%
    iv. Recommendation letter from a professor/supervisor – 10%
  • Documents required
    i. All applicants must submit copies of academic transcripts duly attested by an authorized person.
    ii. Applicants who have graduated from the Royal University of Bhutan need not attest their documents.
    iii. The selected applicants will have to produce original transcripts during registration.

Interested candidates (both pre & in-service) fulfilling the above criteria may directly apply to the college. The last date to submit an application is 30th November 2020 and an oral interview will be conducted between 1st and 5th December 2020.

Selection results will be declared on 10th December 2020. The selected candidates for the programme should register by 1st February and classes will commence from 8th February 2021.

Interested candidates may contact/submit your application to Mr Cheku Dorji, Course coordinator @འ་ནི་གློག་འཕྲིན་ཁ་བྱང༌འདི་ ཨེས་པམ་བོཊ(spambots)་ལས་བསྲུང་ནུག འདི་བལྟ་ནིའི་དོན་ལུ་ ཁྱོད་ཀྱིས་(avaScript)་འདི་ ལྕོགས་ཅན་བཟོ། or call @ 1786 2007

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