Inauguration of FabLab in CST

On August 25, 2022, Ministry of Human and Labour Resources Minister Karma Dorji inaugurated the FabLab in CST within the premises of the College of Science and Technology.

A FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a small-scale workshop that offers digital fabrication. Professor Neil Gershenfeld who is also the head of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms is credited with coming up with the idea.

With the opening of the FabLab in CST with assistance from JICA, MoHLR Minister Karma Dorji expressed that students from CST and other institutions will now have access to the facility to turn their ideas into functional prototypes. His Excellency stressed that the opening of the FabLab at CST offers a chance to establish an innovation culture, develop technology, and create solutions, particularly in bringing innovation over agricultural production to assist farmers by coming up with designs for creating agricultural tools and resolving local problems. Additionally, not just in agricultural sectors but also in other ones, such as water pumping and educational facilities in the education system starting from CST.

His Excellency believes the establishment of FabLab may aid in resolving national concerns and can serve to steer the talents of the workforce and improve skills in the country. His Excellency stated that all of this may occur from the appropriate
institution, which is CST, therefore he expressed hope for future innovations.

CST FabLab is a joint project between the College of Science and Technology(CST) under RUB, the Gross National Happiness Commission(GNHC) under RGoB, and Japan's international cooperation agency.

The CST FabLab was established with a commitment and dedication to the 5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle with the goal of igniting the imaginations of creative individuals. The FabLab targets the students and faculties of the CST and others of the Royal Univerity of Bhutan, Bhutanese Entrepreneurs and Digital Fabricators, Secondary Industries in Bhutan, and the Agriculture Sector.

The CST FabLab provides access to 9 digital fabrication equipment to turn ideas into reality for emerging entrepreneurs and anybody intrigued and ready to develop prototypes that include:
1. Large(or Shopbot) and Small CNC Machine - 2
2. Digital Embroidery Machine -1
3. Straight Sewing Machine -1
4. Interlocking Sewing Machine -1
5. SLA 3D Printer with CWS1S (for preprinting, curing, and washing)
6. FDM 3D Printers - 3
7. Vinyl Cutter - 1
8. CNC Milling Machine -1
9. Laser Cutter – 1

A demonstration of the operation of the lab’s digital fabrication technology was included in the event, which also featured six cultural performances by various student groups from CST.