Hack With Me

With an objective to teach participants how to build a startup with an innovative technical implementation, a team of passionate entrepreneurs from Singapore will be organising a specialised Hackathon, 'Hack With Me' from 7th-12th December 2022 in CST.

The winners of the competition will win more than Nu.100,000 per team!! (There will be 5 winners). Besides the attractive prizes, the participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will help develop innovative products/projects that could potentially be commercialised.

The event is open to all the students/faculty/alumni of CST, GCBS, and JNEC.

We’d like to urge all those interested to register individually and fill up the Role Assessment Questionnaire before November 30 by using the link below:

1. Role Assessment - https://forms.gle/BRLATVA9LDqwQYnK7


2. CST Registration - https://forms.gle/meBwhJ3GbNTMF2Zd8


3. GCBS Registration - https://forms.gle/6FPv5sPHMTCAbWTd6


4. JNEC Registration - https://forms.gle/CFS7kdSA8t8N5FbKA