Book Launch: Two Ends of the Sky

Book Launch: Two Ends of the Sky

The book launch for the novel Two Ends of the Sky by Ayeshwini Lama was done in collaboration with the literary club on the 9thof May, 2019.  The event was graced by Madam Chador Wangmo, who is a Bhutanese author and an active and important member of the literary society in Bhutan. She gave a brief talk regarding various social issues, most importantly the rights of women and the different aspects of the writing industry in Bhutan. She also shared a few poems out of her newest and only poetry book so far, Phases.

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Ayeshwini Lama is a Civil engineering student in the college and is currently in her second year. She is a member of the literary club and a passionate writer. Two Ends of the Sky, which is her debut novel, is a young adult fiction centered on the life of two friends trying to build their individual lives while trying to stay in each other. The novel takes the characters on a journey, both physically and emotionally, as the two friends move for college and are faced with the many challenges and realities of adult life and adult relationships.
Ayeshwini, in her speech to the audience at the launch, said that the story is about one great love, which we often tend to dismiss in our lives in today’s time. She also shared that taking the first step was scary but that it was important and that she is happy she decided to get her novel published. She urged the young minds in the audience to not be afraid of sharing their creativity and talents with the world.

There was a Question and Answer session at the end and the event was closed with a book signing session by Ayeshwini.


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