Dengue Controlling Measures

Dengue Controlling Measures

On 7th July, 2020, the CST staff and final year students participated in Zero dengue mosquito cleaning campaign within the college premises led by Dean of student Affair. The cleaners distorted all mosquitoes breeding sites by cleaning stagnant pools, gutters and logged areas using safety gears.These places were further disinfected using dimline issued by the infirmary. The perilous objects such as scrap tyres, bottles, flower pots and empty cans were disposed properly in the garbage.



Zero Waste Hour

As the nation observes zero waste hour on every second day of the month, CST joins in making the surrounding clean & waste-free.

Students along with many staff joined the event, where papers, plastics, and other waste were properly collected, stagnant water drained out, swampy and lush green weeds were cleared: making our campus a zero waste area.

The event was initiated by the college administration to observe Zero waste hour.