3rd Annual Student Research Meet (SRM2020)

3rd Annual Student Research Meet (SRM2020)

The 3-day Annual Student Research Meet which is scheduled from 24th to 25th August 2020 kicked off today with the program introduced by the organizer and opening remarks by the president. The main objectives of organizing such an event are to provide a platform for the students to share their research work and to build a healthy student research eco-system and to engage the students meaningfully during this nationwide pandemic lockdown.

The research work presented in the SRM is the best ones selected from the various programmes in the college competing for the best student research work award of the college. All the research papers presented in the SRM will be published in the college Technical Journal – Zorig Melong 2020.


Today, on the first day of the SRM, 4 different research groups from 4 different programmes - Civil, Electrical, Electronics and communication and IT presented their research work in front of the panel members and the participants online. The participation is kept open to all the students and staff of the college. The following topics were presented today by the 4 groups;

  1. Biochemical Methane Potential Assessment and Enhancement of grass by anaerobic digestion
  2. Automated Greenhouse Using IoT
  3. Design and Estimation of Electrical Distribution Planning for Pekarzhing area
  4. The electronic voting system for the visually impaired person

Happiness and Well-being Center Inaugurated at CST

Happiness and Well-being Center for College of Science and Technology was inaugurated by the college president along with the DSA, HoD(s) and student leaders.

College of Science and Technology’s Happiness and Well-being Center will be a safe place for the students to seek refuge, to provide opportunities for the interested students to build skills, enhance insight, and grow resilience, which will all go a long way in preparing them for life, and their roles as a future responsible citizen.

The happiness and well-being center at CST campus will serve as the hub for counseling; well-being education, training, innovation, and research. It will be connected through the digital platform with the other RUB colleges for the proper functioning of the Center. The center will also cater services related to happiness, well-being, and counseling to CST staff, local community, government agencies, and NGOs. Some of the services that the center will cater are mindfulness, one-to-one counseling, group counseling, programmer on insight, innovation, and skill enhancement. The center will also initiate tailor-made group courses on need-based themes such as ‘Being Bhutanese’ ‘Leadership of Self’, Working with life challenges and other Technical.