Data Science Short Course

The 3-day Data Science short course held at the teamwork hall from March 23-25 was a resounding success, featuring Professor Jennifer Widom from Stanford University, Dean of Engineering as the trainer.
The workshop aimed at providing fundamental knowledge and practical skills related to data visualization and analysis to students and staff from various departments. Ms. Widom presented basic concepts of data visualization and detailed explanations of various tools and techniques that can be used depending on specific use cases. The program also included exciting challenges for attendees to apply their learning and problem-solving skills, with incentives for the fastest and most effective problem-solvers.
Participants were overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising the quality of the program and the insights provided by the trainer. The workshop was a productive event that provided attendees with practical knowledge and valuable insights into the latest tools and techniques in the field of data science. We extend our gratitude to Professor Widom for her time and efforts and look forward to hosting more such insightful workshops in the future.