Asi@Connect project

College of Science and Technology secured a TEIN Corporation Center (TEIN*CC) Asi@Connect project titled “Implementation of e-Learning and associated Capacity Building in identified schools in Bhutan" during the 4th Call for Proposals in January 2020. CST was one of the 35 selected out of 157 applicants from 19 countries who participated in the Concept Note submission. In the full proposal submission, the CST proposal got selected among the 16 from 35 full proposals submitted. 

The objectives of the project are to equip schools with the necessary facilities for e-Learning by connecting the schools to DrukREN and building the capacity for relevant staff, teachers, and students. The importance of e-Learning is felt now more than ever due to the pandemic. This project will assist the Ministry of Education and the Department of IT & Telecom to partly fulfill the mandate of the “Digital School” project under the Digital Drukgyul Flagship programme of the government and iSherig 2 education masterplan.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the project got pushed to October 2020 and the contract between CST and TEIN*CC could be signed only in the first week of November 2020. As a part of the project activities, the project started with a Kick-Off meeting among the members from the Ministry of Education, Department of Information Technology and CST in October and recently completed consultation meeting with stakeholders from MoE, DrukREN, and schools on 12th December 2020 with mixed-mode of in-person and online meeting. A feasibility study was also carried out to develop the specifications of equipment and supplies required for the project and the tender announced on the TEIN*CC website.