Dear Concerned Students,
After the completion of the inquiry period, based on the scores and evaluation by the Selection Committee, the following students are selected (along with the stand-by students) for the exchange programme at UPV Spain Spring Semester (2023-2024):
Selected students:
  • 02210166
  • 02210267
  • 02210185
  • 02210296
Stand-by students:
  • 02210299
  • 02210121
The selected students are notified to prepare the documents as previously informed to you earlier. Submit the documents as individual folders to the undersigned latest by September 19, 12noon, Tuesday.

The College of Science and Technology is pleased to announce the following vacancy as follows:

Sl. #

Position Title

No. of Slots

Qualification Requirement

Position Level

Employment types

Position Profile


Assistant Administrative Officer


Bachelor Degree (General)



(Position profile download)

Eligible candidates are requested to submit your documents to the Office of College Administration, College of Science and Technology, Rinchending, Phuentsholing latest by 28th September 2023, 4:00 PM.


A candidate must:

  1. Be a Bhutanese citizen
  2. Have attained at least 18 years of age, and not more than 45 years of age
  3. Candidates must have a minimum aggregate of 60% in Degree, 60% in Cl. XII (English + Best 3 subjects), 60% in Cl. X (English + Best 4 subjects). However, the benchmark criteria will not apply to those with minimum of five years of relevant experience.
  4. Meet qualification, experience, and other requirements as specified in the position profile of the position.

Documents required:

  1. RUB Employment Application Form (Click here to download)
  2. CV
  3. Academic Certificates and Transcripts,
  4. Valid Security Clearance Certificate (approved online)
  5. Medical Fitness Certificate (6 months’ validity)
  6. Audit Clearance Certificate, if employed
  7. Citizenship ID Card
  8. No Objection Certificate duly signed and sealed on the letterhead of the employer indicating that the candidate will be relieved to join the college as per the date specified by the office from the employer, if employed.
  9. Experience Certificate(s) if any.


  1. The two references in the application form should both be professional referees from two different organizations if employed. If there is only one or no past employment record, one or both referees can be from the College/University where the highest qualification was obtained.
  2. Applications with incomplete documents or incomplete information in their application will be directly rejected during the time of scrutiny. Please, note that it is the sole responsibility of applicants to ensure that all mandatory documents as mentioned above are submitted to the college within the specified deadline.

For further information, please contact the at +975-17160460 during office hours.

Dear concerned students,
After evaluating the students documents (since there were no applications from the disadvantaged students), the following are the admitted and excluded students:
  • Admitted students: From the following students, the Committee will nominate four students and two stand-by students. 
    • 02210299
    • 02210185
    • 02210166
    • 02210296
    • 02210121
    • 02210267
  • Excluded students:
    • 02210298
    • 02210287
    • 02210265
    • 02210154
    • 02210254
The excluded students are asked to submit their inquiries or questions (if any) latest by September 15, Friday, 2023.

Dear Third Year (3rd) Students:

(Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Instrumentation and Control, Engineering Geology, and Architecture):


An application call is invited for the student exchange programme in Spring Semester 2024 (Jan-June) at UPV (Polytechnic University) in Spain.


The nomination and selection procedures are as follows. There has been a slight change in the selections based on the information received from the UPV Spain Project Coordinator. 


Please read the instructions very carefully:

  1. The students shall submit the files/applications in hard copy mentioned in the checklist attached (Appendix 1 attached here) to the undersigned latest by September 11, Monday, before 4:00 PM. The students shall compile the relevant documents in the sequence of nomination criteria listed in Appendix 1. Any missing documents (unintentional/deliberate) and/or documents that are not 'clearly readable' will be evaluated as 'zero' against the criteria.
  2. After September 11, the list of admitted and excluded applicants will be published. The excluded students will be allowed to submit their inquiries by the weekend. After resolving the inquiries, the final list of admitted students will be published.
  3. The selection committee will evaluate the merits of the admitted candidates and publish the list of selected students according to the scores obtained.
  4. This time, with a total of four mobilities for students, the selection committee will nominate two students and two standby students. 
  5. Important: As a reservation from the UPV project office, two students and two standby students will be nominated from 'Gyelpoi Tozay' as reservations for disadvantaged students with fewer opportunities. To maintain uniformity of scale, these students will be nominated from the Third/Second Years. Students in this reserved group are asked to submit official documentation. 
  6. Then, these four nominated students will send their nominations to the UPV Spain Project Coordinator for acceptance before Wednesday, September 20.
  7. The selected students shall receive a letter through the mail from the UPV Project Coordinator with instructions on how to process their application online.
  8. The selected students should choose the courses to study at UPV in close consultation with the UPV Project Coordinator and HoDs/PLs.