Dr. Chimi Wangmo
Dr. Chimi WangmoHead of Department, Civil Engineering Departmentchimiwangmo(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-77772040
Tshewang Nidup
Tshewang NidupProgramme Leader - Construction Management / Lecturertnidup(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17113252
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Tshewang Nidup is a lecturer of civil and structural engineering at the Royal University of Bhutan. His key interest areas are in the development and promotion of sustainable and resilient materials and technologies for infrastructure and making technical and engineering education simple and engaging.

He serves as a member in the civil and structural engineering standards technical committee of the Bhutan Standards Bureau and as the focal person for the disaster risk reduction and resilience's thematic working group of the Himalayan university consortium at the ICIMOD.
Dr. Sangey Pasang
Dr. Sangey PasangProgramme Leader, B.E. Civil Engineering / Lecturersangeypasang(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-77774567
Karma Tempa
Karma TempaProgramme Leader, B.E. Engineering Geology / Lecturerkarmatempa(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17306486 (M) / 16551120 (O)
Om Kafley
Om KafleyAsst. Professoromkafley(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17614485
Tshering Tobgay
Contact No.# +975-17316317
Monika Thapa
Contact No.# +975-17910315
Tshering Cheki
Tshering ChekiAssociate Lecturertsheringcheki(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17871903
Lily Gurung
Lily GurungAssociate Lecturerlilygurung(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Kirtan Adhikari
Kirtan AdhikariAssociate Lectureradhikari(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17601598
Yeshi Choden
Yeshi ChodenAssociate Lectureryeshichoden(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-77786277
Sangay Dema
Sangay DemaAsst. Lecturersangaydema(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17491995
Bhawani Shankar Nirola
Bhawani Shankar NirolaAsst. Lecturerbhawani(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Tshering Dendup
Tshering DendupAsst. Lecturertsheringdendup(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17760620
Kezang Yuden
Kezang YudenAsst. Lecturerkezangyuden(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17724318


Ugyen Dorji
Contact No.# +975-17887493
Tashi Phuntsho
Contact No.# +975-17588656
Contact No.# +975-17685736
Sonam Choden
Contact No.# +975-17756091
Sangay Wangdi
Sangay WangdiLab Assistantsangaywangdi(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17942704
Purna Bdr. Bhujel
Purna Bdr. BhujelTechnicianpurnabhujel(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt
Contact No.# +975-17526523