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Wed, 5 FEB - Thu, 6 FEB, 2021

About The Conference

The Royal Government of Bhutan has placed high priority in science and engineering focusing in construction industry and energy sector emphasizing more towards greener and sustainable way of production. Such priority has enabled the demand to opt for high quality of tertiary education and research in the field of engineering, science and technology. To address the need of human resource in renewable energy and construction sectors, the College of Science and Technology has introduced Masters of Engineering in Renewable Energy from January 2018 and planning to start Master of Engineering in Construction Management in 2020.


Besides teaching and learning, toward building the research and innovation culture, the College has established two research centers- Center for Renewable & Sustainable Energy and Center for Disaster Risk Reduction & Community Development Studies. These centers carry out several research & development activities in collaboration with relevant international and national stakeholders. Further, the College established the Bhutan Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) Subsection and RUB Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) chapter to create an international platform for knowledge sharing and learning. The chair of the Bhutan IEEE subsection and chapter are from the college. These two international professional bodies provide standards and guidelines in supporting academic and research activities in the world. This conference also intend to promote these master degree programmes and activities of Bhutan IEEE Subsection and RUB ACM Chapter.


Some of the major projects carried out by the college include Modeling and Analysis of Hydropower Plants of Bhutan in collaboration with DGPC, BPC and Rostock University, Germany, Cooperative project with the Lund University, Sweden named CIMCEB (Curriculum Design for Master Programme in Energy Efficient Building Design) in Nepal and Bhutan and implementation of Solar Micro-Grid System (prototype), which is the first of its kind in Bhutan under GEF-Small Grants Program, UNDP. CST also complete Design and Construction of Rigid Pavement in collaboration with Druk Holding & Investments Limited (DHI). The College in collaboration relevant institutions in Bangladesh, India and Nepal successfully established the Research and Training Center (RTC) for Research Training Network(RTN) component under the project called South Asia Sub-region Economic Cooperation – Information Highway (SASEC-IH). 


To promote research culture and to develop research capacity, the College has been organizing various national and international conferences over the past years. Such conferences have been instrumental in advertising college’s research capacity and possible research collaborations with various agencies and universities across the globe. It is aligned with RUB and college strategic plan that focus on promotion of research culture and building external networking. The College had successfully organized the 1 st International conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development in October 2015 and 2 nd International
Conference on the same area in April 2017. Having witnessed positive and significant impact of such conferences in promoting the research, the college is organizing the 3rd international conference (1st conference on Engineering Science and Technology) from 5th – 6th February 2021. The date is proposed in an auspicious day and the conference is dedicated to the birthday of His Royal Highness The Druk Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck. The College proposes to organize the conference in the College campus to enable more participation from the faculty and the students. The conference is expected to receive more contributions from international participants that would immensely enhance the quality of the outcome significantly.
Focal Contact Point
Mr. Kamal K. Chapagai
Conference Secretary
Contact Number (+975) 17715299
Email: secretary_icscientec.cst@rub.edu.bt