Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering is a broad-based four-year programme designed to train engineers who will find employment in the diverse fields of engineering.
The graduates can be employed in Civil Service, Corporations, and the Private sector as:
  • Structural engineer
  • Water engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Roads and transportation engineer
  • Survey engineer
The program aims to be innovative in the course and curriculum development in order:
  • to attract and recruit students of excellent academic capability and potential from all social groups.
  • to nurture the potential of each student to tackle challenges and to lay the foundation for critical thinking required as professional engineers;
  • to instill in graduates’ a keen sense of professionalism, management, and problem-solving techniques.
  • to allow career progression and academic development to pursue higher degrees in various fields of engineering, management, science, and business.
The graduates from the Civil Engineering programme will be able to:
  • formulate and prepare project proposals and plans
  • design, analyze, and prepare working drawings and estimates of various civil engineering structures
  • execute/supervise the construction of various civil engineering structures
  • carry out a survey for civil engineering works
  • carry out feasibility studies for civil engineering projects
  • prepare bid documents, specifications of works, and evaluate tenders
  • adapt to new technologies/developments
  • manage projects and other civil engineering related tasks

Programme Leader

Mr. Sangey Passang

Civil Engineering Department

Contact No.# +975-77774567

Email: sangeypasang(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt