Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology is a four year programme.

The curriculum was developed by the faculty of IT at CST conducting series of review workshop involving experts within Bhutan and professors from UNB(Canada) and IIT(Kharagpur).

Specific Objectives:
As Information Technology graduates they are expected to be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate information technology applications.
  • Plan, design, develop, test, and implement IT systems.
  • Identify, analyse, and solve Information Technology problems.
  • Carry out operation and maintenance of network system: Software and Hardware.
  • Formulate/Prepare proposals for new systems and project plans
  • work in multi-disciplinary environment and communicate effectively
  • Execute/Supervise the implementation of IT system.
  • Use relevant software and hardware for coding, code verification and testing
  • Take up diverse profession and lifelong learning
  • Conduct research studies in the field of IT
  • Self employment.