Seminar on Awareness on Application of Digital Fabrication to Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance

Two half days of seminar was conducted on 18 th and 19 th November, 2018. The seminar was organized by JICA Bhutan Office in collaboration with Fablab Bhutan and Field Ready. The fabbers shared their experience on fabricating the first 3D printer in Bhutan and Pi-top, a modular laptop. The fabbers at Fablab, Bhutan shared their experiences in “Learning by Doing”, their First Global Challenge (Robotics Competition) and development and
Application of drones. The fabbers included two ECE graduates from JNEC and an ECE graduate from CST.

The Field Ready team led by Mr. Andrew Lamb shared explicitly on transforming Mobility Through Technology for Disaster Response and demonstrated 3D printing for disaster response. They reminded us beautifully about technology accessible to all and to change the world for better.
Mr. Wakabayashi, JICA concluded by gathering the learnings from the seminar and for building a stronger understanding of Fablab for the benefit of the community around us.