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The Royal Government of Bhutan has placed high priority in science and engineering focusing in construction industry and energy sector emphasizing more towards greener and sustainable way of production. Such priority has enabled the demand to opt for high quality in engineering and research on architecture, construction in all forms, renewable energy sources targeting the hydro power, wind and solar energy sources. To address the need of human resource in renewable sector, the College of Science and Technology has introduced Masters of Engineering in Renewable Energy from January 2018 and planning to start master Programme in construction management in 2020. Further, the College has formed Bhutan IEEE subsection to create an international platform for knowledge sharing and learning


Admission Announcement for the In-Service candidates 2020

The College of Science and Technology is offering 20 seats each in BE Civil and Electrical Engineering, 5 seats each in BE Electronics & Communication Engineering and Information Technology for 2020-2021 academic sessions to In-Service candidates with Diploma in Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, and Information Technology respectively.

Applications will be received no later than 3rd February, 2020


The College currently offers Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy and four-year undergraduate engineering programme in Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Information Technology, Engineering Geology, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, and a five-year programme in Architecture. Additionally, the College offers capacity-building programs for the in-service personnel holding Diploma in Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Information Technology. These programmes take into account prior learning and thereby the duration of the programme is reduced by a year. The programmes are managed through five academic departments in the College, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics & Communication, Department of Information Technology, and Department of Science and Humanities.

All the academic programmes offered by the College are validated and adopted by the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) and National Accreditation Council of Bhutan.